Madexes’s first blog post..

Dumped or the dumper? Planning on it or trying to get through it? I’ve been there on both counts many times. I’m here to say what I’ve learned and what I think helps. I hope it helps you or at least whiles away some time in which you think about yourself….

This is my very first post. I don’t know why I want to start a blog madexes I don’t know why I want to share my love experience oops.. ‘ex love’  I keep on forgetting that me and my boyfriend broke up. I want to cherish our cute little things that we had together and I know he will be happy somewhere reading this and I hope you will enjoy madexes..

Real fate of love..

Last morning I came to know that my ex is getting married can anyone likes this sort of news to hear when we woke up? It’s painful rite.. Yes! I also felt the same pain when I came to know my eyes filled with tears while my heart feels happy for him..

Sometimes our heart and mind don’t live on the same block when mind understand the fate and reality but heart won’t listen or understand the fate of true love. True love’s fate is always meant to be separated (not soul) yes! That’s true in my story…

My love story started when he starts to narrate his so called romantic comedy of his past times love story started when he broke down into tears when he wants a support to move on..

My love story…